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Register your household / family

Hi! We’re Amy and Ella. We’re really excited about the positive environmental impact we can all make, starting in our own homes.

Hello Lovely People!

Thank you for your interest in joining our Climate Clever initiative for Households/ families. 

We believe that households / families … regular people, just like you and us, have a really important part to play in tackling Climate Change. And we can start today… on our own doorsteps.

The good news: registering is very simple. Just complete the registration form below and we’ll get back to you via email (so make sure you check your SPAM folder if you haven’t heard from us after a day or two).

Thank you again – we look forward to supporting you on your Climate Clever journey!

Let’s do this!


    What happens next?

    On the day you register you will receive a confirmation and welcome email and a pin will be placed on the map (somewhere random in the city / town you are from) to show your account has been activated and that you are working on Level 1 - Inspire..

    Then, you're all set to go and will be able to Login and:

    + Set your Team name and team avatar
    + Upload evidence to progress through the Climate Clever levels

    Supporting Resources

    All Households that Register will receive access to supporting resources  to provide step-by-step support throughout the Climate Clever journey.

    We'll also support you throughout each step via email.


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